About Corlan Energy Ltd.

Corlan Energy: About Us

Corlan Energy’s primary goal is to supply our customers with energy efficient lighting and renewable energy systems. Through our partnership with Orion Energy Systems we can offer our clients the products that will catapult them into the future and beyond.

We are focused on delivering a direct correlation between our client’s bottom line, and energy efficiency. We are certain that our products will have a definite impact on you energy savings, lighting efficiency, employee safety and overall satisfaction.

Our technological partner Orion Energy Systems is world renown for their service to the environment. Orion has received numerous technological awards and accolades for their state of the art products and patents. Since 1996 Orion Energy Systems technology has saved $455 million dollars, removed over 300MW from the grid, and saved over 4 billion KW hours in 100 of the Fortune 500 companies.

We at Corlan Energy believe that through this partnership with Orion, there is no obstacle in our way to improving the environment and keeping money where it belongs, in our customers’ pocket.

“Reduce your energy waste and improve your bottom line with one of the fastest paybacks ever”


“We had metal halides that were really expensive--- something like $100 per bulb---and they did not last very long. We had to change them a lot... we liked the fact that there was a two-year payback. We also like the Orion lights.”

John Badten
Manager, McDonald's
West Bend, WI