Welcome To Corlan Energy Ltd.

Corlan Energy’s primary goal is to supply our customers with energy efficient lighting and renewable energy systems. Through our partnership with Orion Energy Systems we can offer our clients the products that will catapult them into the future and beyond.

We are focused on delivering a direct correlation between our client’s bottom line, and energy efficiency. We are certain that our products will have a definite impact on you energy savings, lighting efficiency, employee safety and overall satisfaction.

  • Efficient Lighting

    By mastering the first law of thermodynamics, Orion Energy Systems innovative line of high-intensity fluorescent technology provides the most light possible for the least amount of input. 
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  • Apollo Light Pipe

    Utilizes the lowest cost light available -- the sun. Apollo can reduce your energy costs for lighting to zero for significant portions of the day.
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  • Solar Applications

    Implementing a solar photovoltaic system on your rooftop or ground can help reduce your carbon footprint and provide a hedge against rising electric rates. 
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Latest News

  • November 2, 2010
    Ontario Wind Farms Set Record
    Wind power provided almost six per cent of Ontario’s electricity needs and powered nearly 900,000 
  • June 23, 2010
    Orion's New Technology Out Performs

    Orion Energy Systems Inc. the manufacturing partner of Corlan Energy Ltd, today announced the launch of its LED lighting platform designed to reduce energy consumption and costs in freezer applications. ›Read More

  • April 29, 2010
    Save money and protect the environment
    It has never been easier with the line of energy efficient products from Corlan Energy. Corlan products manufactured by Orion Energy Systems